Cat. 17. Mexican
Bass lines are my suicide note


Kakkmaddafakka, Hurricane Festival 2012
(by Anouk Berning)

i have time to get my shit back together but i also have time for dinosaur documentaries help

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wellaintshesweet said: No era penal


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hickeys are gross i want ten

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so, fellow friends, what do you think about men visiting the moon? real or hoax?

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u know back in mexico my life was so in control like i used to do yoga everyday and eat healthily and played guitar regularly but then i arrive to new zealand and bam where can i get a guitar?? i just eat chocolate and i don’t move at all, all i care about is cats?? 

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did i show u guys my anime self i’m so cute omg 

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wait do boys even have feelings

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u know today i was in the train and a day in the life came on my ipod and it reminded me of this guy i used to like some years ago bc it was his favorite song and the day before i saw some guitar picks similar to the one i gave him and it reminded me of him too and then i’d think about him for like an hour and i realized like maybe i pop up into his mind too

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